The most significant part of growing up is the physical changes people experience. A portion of it is losing milk teeth and getting replaced with permanent teeth. However, there are instances where losing a tooth comes as early as the age of six and beyond until all their teeth become permanent. But why shouldn’t parents pull their children’s teeth out? Here are some ideas.

1. Pulling May Cause Nerve Damage

The human body is full of nerve endings. When a tooth is pulled out, a person experiences a lot of pain due to nerve damage. It can lead to numbness of the area or a tingling sensation in the hands and mouth. For this reason, many dentists make you sign a waiver before the extraction process.

However, there are instances when the dentist may not be able to pull the tooth out without causing nerve damage. In this case, you could be left with few options. One, you could let the tooth pull in as it grows. Two, you could have the tooth extracted as its roots grow deeper or third, you could have the tooth removed without causing any nerve damage.

2. Pulling May Cause Gum Damage

Pulling teeth out may cause significant damage to your gums. In most cases, the tooth’s roots are present in the jawbone. The gum may die off and make a person prone to gum lesions. However, it’s best to allow a dentist to take over and do the process themselves.

On the other hand, сanine tooth extraction or surgical extraction may help prevent gum damage. The gum remains in good condition after the extraction, and the chances of becoming infected are reduced.

3. Pulling May Cause Infection

Pulling teeth off may cause infections to the gums and jawbone. The mouth is teeming with bacteria that can cause ulcers and sores in the mouth. Wounds and cuts can also develop in the mouth due to tooth extraction. However, it’s best to leave the process in the hands of a professional dental practitioner.

4. Pulling May Cause Excessive Bleeding

Some people may have a phobia of blood. Pulling teeth may send them into shock and cause excessive bleeding. In most cases, a person may not have a problem with the extraction process. However, it can further cause a problem if you have a family history of fainting or a heart condition.

5. Pulling Causes Damage to Other Teeth

The other teeth may be damaged when a tooth is pulled out. If the jawbone or the supporting muscles weaken, the other teeth may be thrown out of place or knocked other teeth out. It can be a double blow to a person when a tooth is pulled out. The jawbone may not support the other teeth and maybe knocked off. Check out your options for tooth extraction for more.


Pulling teeth out is not a fun process. However, in most cases, it is necessary. It’s best to seek the advice of a dental practitioner regarding the operation of tooth extraction. They will help you decide which option is best for you. Of course, the most recommended option is to have the tooth pulled out by an experienced dental practitioner. Finding a good dentist before the extraction process is the best way to go about it.

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