Dental implants are one of the best substitutes for natural teeth. Compared to dentures, dentists favor them as they act as a permanent solution for missing teeth in between two healthy teeth. As a result, most people who qualify for a dental implant wear them to bring back their natural smiles. But what are the benefits of wearing dental implants? Here are some ideas.

1. Gives a Natural Feel

Replacing your teeth with dental implants is an easy way to give your smile the natural look you want. The reason is that dental implants resemble natural teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium and are designed to fit naturally into the jawbone. You can chew food the way you did with them when you still have natural teeth. Also, dental implants can easily be cleaned. You can floss them and brush your tongue against them as you would with a natural tooth.

2. Lasts a Lifetime

Dental implants are permanent fixtures in your teeth’s place. You do not need to worry about changing them as a natural tooth would. The good thing about dental implants is that you can replace your missing teeth without any problems. It is a solution that requires less maintenance.

3. Keeps Adjacent Teeth Stable

Dental implants keep the adjacent teeth stable. If you have one missing tooth, this can put too much pressure on the natural teeth next to it. As a result, you feel discomfort. But with dental implants, you do not have to worry about being uncomfortable as they secure your natural teeth.

4. Reduces Risks of Gum Diseases

Dental implants can keep your natural teeth and surrounding tissues healthy because they are placed in the jawbone. As your jawbone is still intact, the surrounding tissues that support the teeth remain healthy.

5. Long-Term Investment

Dental implants are a long-term investment. They can last twice as long as natural teeth because they are not affected by tooth decay or cavities. You do not have to worry about replacing them before they get rotten.

Who Qualifies for a Dental Implant?

There are plenty of people who need a dental implant. It is a solution that dentists highly recommend repairing missing teeth between two healthy teeth. A dental implant is ideal for people with missing teeth between two healthy teeth. As a result, several people can benefit from dental implants.

1. Teens

Adolescents who lose a tooth between two healthy teeth are among the people who can get dental implants. Dental implants in teens have become popular because this procedure can give teens a perfect smile. It is so much better than wearing a denture. Dental implants in teens can also help prevent their gums from receding and their jaw from shrinking.

2. People with Edentulous Mouths

People who are edentulous or toothless can also get dental implants. As they, too, can regain their natural smiles with dental implants. It is also anal for people with toothless gaps in their mouths. But before you get a dental implant, you need to know if you qualify for it. Dentists use the following criteria to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.


A dental implant is an excellent alternative to natural teeth. It is ideal for people with missing teeth between two healthy teeth. But before you get a dental implant, you need to know if you can qualify for one. If you meet the following criteria, you can get a dental implant.

Saint Mark Dental offers dental implants in Massachusetts. Our goal is to maintain and bring back the smile on our clients’ faces, making it easier to face their everyday lives with ease. We allow emergency dental appointments as we recognize that some cases can happen anytime. However, people can still book an appointment with our root canal specialists.

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