Their revolutionary purpose drives the incredible growth of dental implants; they replace missing teeth. According to a recent study from the Journal of Oral Implantology, 90 percent of dental implants are successful, which is astonishing. If you consider dental implants to restore your smile, you may find some conflicting information during your research. A few rumors may scare you, but if you find a solution that works best for you, you can feel confident about your smile again. And you’ll have the dental implants to thank for it.

Stop worrying if you’re afraid of getting dental implants because of myths that aren’t based on science. We’ll put you at ease by explaining some common misconceptions. False information shouldn’t prevent you from having a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Are Painful

Although getting dental implants can sometimes be uncomfortable, most patients only need local anesthesia and nitrous oxide to complete the procedure. Truthfully, the process itself is not as painful as you might imagine. Some patients experience high levels of fear or anxiety before implant surgery, so our practice offers sedation dentistry. IV sedation allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable throughout your dental procedure.

Myth #2: Dental Implants Are Fussy

Dental implants are incredibly easy to keep clean because they require the same care as your natural teeth. Continue your oral hygiene routine—brush, floss, and make regular visits to your dentist just as you would if you had your natural teeth. What’s more, dental implants don’t have any cavities. They look like natural teeth, but they’re designed with the strongest protective coatings so that they won’t chip or break.

Thus, dental implants don’t require special care; regular brushing, flossing, and gargling are enough. You can even eat your favorite foods without any restrictions!

Myth #3: Recovery Takes a While

There’s an element of truth behind this statement. After all, “forever” is an exaggeration. It also depends on who you ask: some people have to wait three to four months before they can smile again, while others say they’ve recovered within two weeks. There’s no denying that the time it takes for the implant root to attach to your jawbone is why a dental implant surgery’s extended recovery time. 

But once you have recovered and started wearing your new dentures, smiles will become things of the past, along with pain and discomfort from unhealthy teeth and embarrassment from an unattractive smile. In this case, the three to four-month recovery period doesn’t seem too bad.

Myth #4: They Look Fake

On the contrary, most patients are surprised by how real a dental implant looks when they get one fitted. When meeting others for the first time, they won’t notice anything out of the ordinary—unless you tell them you have temporary teeth in your mouth because you had a tooth implant fitted. If a loved one sees you without your dentures or cap, they will be more amazed at how natural your new teeth look and feel than their presence or absence.


Don’t believe the hype. Dental implants don’t look fake, don’t take long to recover from, aren’t fussy to maintain, and aren’t painful. Some of your loved ones may be using dental implants without knowing it. That’s how effective they are. They’re just like natural teeth, so upgrade your smile with a much-needed dental implant or two today.

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