Having a perfect smile is something that many people strive for. For some, this means getting braces or Invisalign to correct problems with their teeth.

However, having these devices can make it more challenging to eat certain foods. If you’re wearing braces or Invisalign and want to know which foods are okay to eat, here are five foods that should be avoided.

Why Do You Need to Be Careful With the Food You Eat?

You probably already know that you must be careful with your food when wearing braces or Invisalign. But do you know why?

The reason is simple: while wearing your braces or Invisalign, the brackets and wires are pressing against your teeth.

 They can’t move around like they usually would, so they must be protected. That’s where food comes in. Eating certain kinds of food can damage your teeth or the brackets and wires, making them more likely to break off or come loose from your teeth.

While it’s essential to understand what foods are safe for you to eat with braces or Invisalign, it’s also important to know what foods aren’t safe.

To keep your teeth healthy, you must be careful about what you eat and drink. Here are some of the most common foods that can cause damage to your teeth during treatment:

1. Foods With Hard Bits

Hard foods like nuts, popcorn kernels, and popcorn can damage your braces by cracking or chipping them. If they get stuck between the wires, they can also break off and cause pain when you eat or drink.

2. Hard Candies

Except for the fact that they are sweet, most candies are hard and can be difficult to chew. This is especially true for hard candies like jawbreakers and lollipops. If you eat them when your teeth are still getting adjusted to their new alignment, they could cause pain or damage to your braces.

3. Acidic Foods and Drinks

Acidic foods like citrus fruits and juices can soften the enamel on your teeth over time, making them more susceptible to stains and decay once your treatment ends. The same goes for acidic drinks such as soda or sports drinks since they can also weaken enamel.

4. Chewing Gum and Mints 

It’s best to avoid chewing gum and mints while you’re wearing braces because they can get stuck between the wires or brackets and cause damage. Like other effects, you may need to visit the doctor to have them fixed again.

5. Ice Cubes

There are some people who like to chew on ice cubes, but this is not recommended for people with braces. The reason for this is that chewing on ice can chip off pieces of your teeth and cause damage to the brackets holding them in place.


If you want to get the most out of your braces or Invisalign, it’s important to understand which foods you should avoid while wearing them. The better you avoid these foods, the less likely you will experience any problems with your treatment.

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