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Family Dentistry

Family dentistry provides many of the same dental services as adult dentistry, with a focus on young children. This helps to ensure that your child receives needed dental care in a warm and friendly environment that encourages them to make this a lifelong habit into adulthood. 

Topics covered:

  • First dental visit
  • Pediatric dental sealants
  • Dental exam
  • Dental cleaning

First Dental Visit

In many cases, a child’s first dental visit will not involve any dental treatments or procedures. It is simply a way for you and your child to meet and greet their dentist and dental team to establish a level of comfort and trust.

If your child needs some type of pediatric treatment or service, it can help to first prepare them at home so that they are more at ease when they enter the office. One of the best ways to prepare them is to simply tell them what to expect. You may even want to role-play as the dentist. Just remember to remain relaxed; your child will pick up on your emotions. Make no mention of pain or discomfort.

Pediatric Dental Sealants

Pediatric dental sealants are an investment in your child’s oral health. The American Dental Association has found that sealants can prevent up to 80% of cavities. This is a fast and simple treatment in which your dentist applies a liquid onto the surfaces of your child’s back molars. These are the hardest teeth to reach and the ones that have the deepest grooves and crevices, presenting an opportunity for oral bacteria. 

After the dentist applies this liquid onto the surfaces of your child’s back teeth, they will cure, or harden, the material to provide a strong shield against the entry of the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities.

Pediatric dental sealants do not require any shots or drilling, and only take a few minutes to apply.

Dental Exam

Your child should be undergoing a dental exam at least twice yearly unless they have some type of dental problem that requires a more frequent check. During your child’s exam, their dental hygienist will be examining their teeth, bite, smile, jaw and tongue. Essentially, all structures within the mouth will be examined to look for any signs of trouble.

Assuming everything checks out with their dental exam, your child will proceed to the dental cleaning portion of the appointment. Otherwise, their dentist will be brought in for a closer look.

Dental Cleaning

The main condition that we are trying to prevent is plaque forming on the surfaces of your child’s teeth. Plaque is a film that sticks to the teeth and damages the tooth enamel and gum tissue. This can eventually result in gum disease. Untreated gum disease can damage the structures supporting the teeth, even causing teeth to loosen and fall out.

Your child’s dental hygienist will carefully scrape away all plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth using dental instruments. They will also floss in between their teeth to remove any trapped food particles. Finally, they will polish your child’s teeth.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment

If you would like to receive more information about any of our pediatric dental treatments and services, or if you need to schedule a dental exam and cleaning appointment, please contact us to schedule an appointment for your child.

Dr. Bahkit is very patient oriented. She makes sure your problem is resolved but is also concerned with your comfort while in the chair.
Dr. Bahkit is very gentle with my ongoing issues of gum and teeth disease. She cleans my teeth every three months to help my situation.

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